Monday, September 21, 2009

Letter 1

Dear lady friend,

Yesterday I took a stroll. It was like you described.
The city, the people and the sea.
I really love this country. Since I moved back,
all I do is just stare at the clear sea: It's beautiful sky blue.

Autumn is arrive with such force, that I can't wait to see it
here, at the Caribbean.
Funny thing happened yesterday, there was this lady walking
down the Malecon right next to me holding an umbrella.
I was amazed: In the carribean and not letting the sun touch
one's skin?! Oh, come on, lady, stop and smell the flowers!
Or is it the locals are so used to the sun that they do not feel
the need? That really got me thinking the whole trip.

Anyhow, people are very friendly.

Santo Domingo is a beautiful city. I think I'm going to stay
a little longer than I expected.

Truly yours,

The drifter

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