Friday, October 30, 2009


despues de haber estado una semana en ft. lauderdale, me doy vuenta que nevesito unas vacaciones.

desconectarme de todo lo comun, de la rutina: del trabajo, del calor, de la situacion economica del pais, de la presion, de el estar siempre pendientes a bills, the car, all the things that i deal with on a regular basis.

i want to be able to think clearly, y para hacer eso need a break from todo.
these pasts few days, i'm really considering to go abroad for xmas.

i think all i need is a couple day of sleep, dude, just plain old sleep.
and go away on a trip and just forget abou every thing and just relax.

a couple of places come to mind: my recently discovered paradise: ft. lauderdale or my old friend, that grey hair lady new york. which one should it be? would i be able to get away?
we'll see; we'll just see...

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