Thursday, January 28, 2010

goals, life and luck

Something happened today that made me understand and really grasp a wide view of my life.
When I was younger, wanted to learn computers, So I did.
In highschool wanted to improve my grades, (I was a very intelligent underachiver), so I set my mind and I did improve my grades...
Wanted to go to a good ynicersity, even when I didn't know what I really wanted to study, but that's for another post :). The thing is that I went to a good school and got my degree in computer science.
Wanted to work for a good company, so I got ajob working with linux (Thanks to a dear dear friend Wilser).

Wanted to have a car on my own, so I bought a car :), with only RD$5,000.00 cash on hand ;), but I wanted it.

Wanted my own hone, so I bought one.
Wanted to work for a big company, so I did.

wanted to travel abroad, so I saved and I did travel abroad:)

The thing is that most of the things I wanted for myself, with hard work and with helpfrom family and friends, I have them/done it.

goals, planning, and ambition is what have driven my to success.


They say friends from college are for ever. And my friends from college are no exception.
They have been my rock, my shoulder, my consejeros, mis panas de verdad.


There is nosuch thing as luck, it's a matter of coincidence: being in the right place on the right time, doing the right thing and talking to the right person.
Dude, there's this thing we mortals call luck.
And I think of myself as a lucky guy.


Playing with computers sice I was 12 years old, I like what I do and I know I'm not going to be rich, solo vivir comodamente, dentro de mis parametros. Watching tv, going out from time to time, travel abroad, enjoy the company of my family and friends and an ocasional female companion... Ah, high speed internet connection and a computer is a must.

I do not steal, do not take drugs, and don't get involved on other people's afairs.
Vivo para mi, y hago lo que quiero cuando quiero, sin irrespetar a los demas.

Mi vida es eso mismo, mi vida, mis metad, mis intentos no logrados aun, mi moral, mi familia y mis amigos, y siempre siempre la suerte que me persigue y and most of the times it catches me ;)

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