Saturday, May 22, 2010

la vida en linea

I have started to wonder if it's worthy anymore that I spill my guts on thia blog. Je ne se pas si es algo definitivo, ma it comes a time that this it may not be fun anymore.
Why this big rush to be online? to have followers? but why? to amuse a bunch of strangers?
Or realmente precisamos tener un audience que nos lee, que nos escribe? are we that shallow indeed?

do we have to live this way? we didnt have blogs or social networks before, why do we need it now? Do we really have to abandonar nuestra privacidad para estar en linea todo el tiempo? realmente vale la pena? cual es el beneficio de todo esto? why dont we just live off line? that should be enough.

I guess some of us are way into deep in this online life.
we might not be able to 'connect' to the real world anymore.

why do we feel the constant need to talk about every little detail of our lives?

Estoy solo preguntandome todo esto. buscando explicaciones.

aunque we might not accept them por completo.

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