Thursday, September 15, 2011

New things

I've been around computers for quite some time now: almost 22 years.
And I think I have discover the other side of that wonderful machine: data modeling.  It's no wonder there are whole departments in big companies with the only purpose of analyzing data for the business. These number-cruncher people call themselves business intelligence crew.

It's amazing the use these people give to computers. :O They use it to get statistics and actually run the business... It's beyond my understanding, because so far I have been involved with computers doing some programming, maintenance, and administering their resources.

It's been a humbling experience for me, it truly is...

I guess I'm seeing now another part of the business I hadn't to this moment seen. :D

Oh, man... Work is good.  Life it's good. :)

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Juan Carlos Muñoz said...

can those people fix the computer in order to run the business when computers get fucked up.? obviously your answer is a straight NO so .... We're running the business.

jejejje ;-)