Wednesday, January 02, 2013


We live in fast times, and many things that are a given to us, to our ancestors cost a lot of time and effort to get it... I was watching this movie about the emancipation proclamation; about President Lincoln, and it really got to me.

It got me thinking about the effort that those people had to go through. A civil war in a country that supported slavery in its constitution, a time of change and time to fight for civil rights, what is called natural rights that every men is created equal and had no obligation to summit to bondage.

 For us born in the 20th century this seems like a fairytale.  It is quite difficult to indulge ourselves into thinking that a country that defends so righteous its freedom, had committed this "capital sin" of slavery. 

And to abolish slavery was not so much a decision of civil rights, but a decision of an economical matter because the southern states had established an economy based on slave man power. And the thought of freeing this man power was an attack to the very base of this economy.

Anyway, I dont want to make this post so long but there are many aspects of this situation...

It just got me thinking about what we take for granted and sometimes we dont realize what we have.

Thank you for reading these random thoughts...  See you next time...


estrella said...

Very good job, Edwin!
Thinking is a good thing, writing our thoughts out, even better!
Thank you for sharing!

WhiteStraitjacket said...

Thank you. You are so kind... :P